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Spotlight On: From Gettysburg to Cold Mountain, an Insider’s View

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March 9, 2018
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March 9, 2018
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Spotlight On: “From Gettysburg to Cold Mountain, an Insider’s View”

Since the days of silent film the Civil War has been both a popular topic and background dressing for Hollywood. Whether history is portrayed authentically or not in film many people come away believing what they see, therefore the film industry shapes what the public comes to see as fact. The Civil War has been romanticized, fictionalized, stereotyped and sanitized for years. Ever wonder what it’s like to see a major film created and have a say in production?

Soldiers & Sailors, Curator Michael Kraus has been an historical consultant for military scenes on two major films, Gettysburg and Cold Mountain. Come hear a background history of the Civil War in film and see behind the scenes of two popular modern films about the war.